Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Trio of Tarentines "Up from the Sea"

After the recent surfeit of phalangites I felt obliged to complete the last of the Tarentines received from Aventine pre Xmas.

There is a lesson in here children so pay attention. A lack of enthusiasm for painting more dolphins on shields tempted me down the route of weathering the shields on the above in the mistaken belief that this would save time. This laziness produced a less than satisfactory result and the resultant shading and stippling took twice as long as it would ordinarily have taken to paint the things properly in the first place. So there you go, there's no such thing as a short cut.
Regardless I do rather like the effect and its set me to contemplating just how adhesive and durable ancient paints would have been particularly when it comes to adhering to metallic surfaces in hot climates. Food for thought there I think.

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