Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Trend Reversed & the Normal Equilibrium of the Spheres is Restored.

I think I may have to cut down on the Moorcock judging by the above.
Back in the real world a report on last nights American War of Independence game enacted at the premises of Mr. Paul Ireland.
Another fictional scenario which we have named "Orchard Gap " for some arbitrary reason.
The forces involved were as follows:

British ( Mr. P. Ireland)

Listed from right to left flank.

55th Foot. trained
9th Foot. raw
Orange County Loyalist Battalion. trained
23rd Foot. veteran
12th Foot. veteran
Composite light battalion. Elite
De Lancy's. Elite.
Note. 9th & Orange County Loyalists in column of march on road.

Continentals ( me)

Listed from right to left flank.

9th Continental. trained
6th Pennsylvania. raw
1st New York. trained
( all the above were deployed as a second line reserve)
8th Continental. elite
( in column on road)
Marksmen. veteran
Virginia Militia. trained
Webbs Additional. raw
3rd New Jersey. trained
( all the above formed the 1st line)

The game commenced as a partly deployed fictional meeting engagement seen below from a Continental point of view.
The British quickly deployed their centre into line and began the first of a series of attacks against the thinly held Continental line centred on the road.

The continental forces responded by advancing the 3rd New Jersey to try and prevent the 55th Foot from breaking through on the near flank.
 On the other flank the 9th Continentals & the 6th Pennsylvania advanced through the orchard to support the marksmen holding the fenceline in front of the farm in face of another aggressive thrust from the British in the shape of the Light Battalion, 12th Foot and De Lancy's.
In the centre despite heavy losses the British attack continued to make good ground pushing back Webbs Additionals and Virginia Militia in a series of bayonet charges. The attack of the 3rd New Jersey also proves fruitless and they rout back beyond the supporting line of the 8th Continentals to join Webbs Additionals.See below.
Similarly things begin to go awry for the 9th Continentals in the orchard as a determined attack by De Lacey's causes an undignified rout leaving the 6th Pennsylvania no option but to withdraw to the further fenceline and attempt to stymy them with musketry.

At this point I conceded having lost the majority of the field to the British. However as casualties were roughly equal we concluded that it would only count as a minor defeat.
In conclusion this was a much closer game than the previous attempt ( see Irelands Farm) due in no small measure to the quality of the forces being better balanced this time. To be fair Paul did a better job of concentrating and prosecuting his attack through the centre much quicker than I responded to it ( the 1st New York never fired a shot), but some better dice rolls and difficult terrain helped me hold the right flank firm till the bitter end.
This game was again played using an adaptation of Fire & Fury which despite some initial misgivings I find myself warming to, its nice to find rules that do reward good tactics. The only issue we need to address for next time is the size of the regiments; at present the largest unit size we are using is eight bases which all too often gives inconclusive results in combat. Next time we hope to use larger brigaded units of ten bases+ to try to force some more tactically interesting circumstances.

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