Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Successor Command on Shanks's Pony.

Continuing with the theme of basing some proper command stands for the Hellenistic era, I give you the following:

Back to photographing under artificial light this evening as I got in rather late from work. Both of these miniatures are from Gripping Beasts Polemarch Successor range, the one eyed ancient on the left being a mail order freebie they offered early in the release schedule.
Sculptor is again Steve Saleh. Nice figures overall but sometimes lacking the sharp detail of the earlier Foundry 'World of the Greeks' ranges. This may be down to wear & tear of the moulds rather than any culpability on the part of said sculptor as the eBay purchase that the one eyed freebie came in were of high quality whereas some of my later direct purchases weren't quite so good.


  1. Nice foot command - Antigonus, I suspect. It could very well be mold wear as the range is highly popular, still I think. I'd say Aventine are worthy "successors" for the Foundry range, but are on the larger side, so wouldn't be the best to mix together in same units of earlier "28's" - I find Foundry a good match in size for many other makers. Best, Dean

  2. Cheers Dean, certainly a take on Antigonus. I always figured him for a beard fan as one of Phillips generation, though he could be pandering to Alexandrian fashion. The Aventine foot figures are indeed large 28's though the trend is less noticeable with their cavalry, at least the Tarentines I own.
    Regards HGA.

    1. Your recent work on these has made me relook my Successors, I'm thinking I may attempt an Ipsus game and an Antigonos foot command would be great. I've perused the Aventine, Gripping Beast, 1st Corps, Foundry and Relic sites. I was thinking maybe converting something from the Warlord Games or Victrix plastic sets - maybe. Best, Dean

  3. That mini was indeed intended as Antigonus, I have him (unpainted). What a huge sword! Looks really good.

  4. Cheers Simon, the huge sword is for waving at Renegade Celts.