Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thracian Cavalry Fin.

Finally got round to painting these 'Thracian' cavalry who were so rudely queue jumped by a bunch of rowdy Celts:

Just to re-cap, these started off as Gripping Beast Neo-Tarentines but with the addition of a mauve/pink cloak & a thureos have been re-purposed as much more useful Thracian cavalry for my 3rd/2nd century BC Seleucid Army.
That being said, their maiden outing will be to take part in a re-fight of Sellasia this Easter Sunday along side their dismounted brethren as part of Antigonus Gonatus's Macedonian Army.
We've done Sellasia at Handgrenadealien tower's before but its such an unusual battle I feel its worth a return visit.
More to follow tomorrow evening.


  1. They look great, particularly together as a unit; I must admit when I saw the few earlier ones, the "pink" stood out a lot, shall we say, louder? Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, the pink is pinker in the flesh. I took these snaps under less than optimal light conditions.