Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sellasia 222BC. An Actual Wargame!

After a break of nearly 18 months we're actually convening today to play a tabletop war-game. Here are a few snaps of everything set up ready to go:

We are using this rare opportunity to playtest Simon Miller's "To the Strongest" rules, hence the pins decorating the tabletop.

Post action report to follow later.


  1. The whole table looks really good, especially with the figures in place. Good luck!

  2. Ooo! Now this is a game I've wanted to play since reading about Philepoemen in Plutarch's Lives.

  3. Whey hey! I've heard of them; supposed to be good. ;-) I'll mail you my phone number in case you have any questions.

    That's a battle I want to fight one day, too!

    Cheers, Simon

  4. This battlefield is amazing, love the stream!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement all, Batrep now up on the blog, with lots of photos.
    Regards HGA.

  6. Great looking game.... are the new rules any good?