Saturday, 3 May 2014

Somewhat Predictably- More Successor Command.

Another twelve hour day today, but hoorah taking the sabbath this week. To celebrate this momentous event here are some more Hellenistic commanders finished under the influence last night.

Foundry Macedonian General, nice figure, unconvincing sword skills.

The man himself, or more likely one of the Diadochi masquerading as him.

Foundry phalangite characters haranguing a Polemarch officer

Having fun doing these, just a couple more to do & then its back to finishing up the Crusader Thracians. After that the world is again my oyster, watch this space.


  1. Great figures,painting and colors used here.... I like the shades of light/sky blue for the Alexander figure... marvelous!
    Also, I like the three figures of them is pointing to Rome? ;o)


  2. Thanks Phil, the Alexander figure is based on the pompeii mosaic, so credit to the roman artist for the colour palette.
    Goodness knows what the phalangite is pointing at, could be Rome, but equally could be a tasty looking moussaka :).

    1. I cracked up with a giggle after your "moussaka" punch line ...good one :o) anyway... the pastel colors you used for these fine figures are top notch! maybe you got something here, use pastel colors instead of bright bold colors for ancients?


  3. Wonderfully done, HGA. AtG is inspiring!