Monday, 28 April 2014

Successor General.

Started to update the command bases for my Hellenistic collection last weekend, the first subject being this mounted geezer from Foundry's 'World of the Greeks range':

The 'allegorical' raven is a resin item from Tabletop World, which was part of a graveyard set bought from them & the pillar is turned out of balsa foam.
It was Foundry's Alexandrian Macedonians that got me started in 28mm Ancients & they still remain one of my favourite ranges for this era of warfare. Shame they didn't follow up on the projected range of Successor stuff that was advertised in their release schedules of the time, probably fell out with one their sculptors:)


  1. Great looking commander, HGA. Love the scratch-built pillar and raven. I think this is a great range from Foundry. That said, Relic Miniatures and Aventine have great Successor models; that later a bit on the larger side of 28mm though. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice! A classic range, probably my all-time favourite range.

    I was interested last week to see Steve Saleh producing Greeks again, for North Star.

  3. Thanks both.
    I'll be interested to see if he finishes this one Simon. Before he heads off to start another range of greeks for someone else:)

  4. lovely figures and very colorful ...... really nice!

    1. Thanks Phil, when you see how the Ancient Greeks painted their statues it seems a shame not to let rip on their miniature counterparts.
      Regards HGA.