Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Yet more Phalangites.

Ah yes the joys of time of from work. Rather than getting up to mischief I've been spending time this week preparing more phalangites on the paint desk. Here they are below.
This time I've opted to paint the linothorax a slightly grubby colour to evoke the feel of older equipment and chosen a simple Seleucid anchor for the design on the aspis, though I may vary this through the unit to represent katoikoi drawn from different provinces in the empire combined into a single phalanx.
This unit will initially be 24 strong, this being the number of figures in my possession at present, but at some point in the near future another order will be placed with gripping beast including four of these fellows to bring the total up to the standard 28 for a Handgrenadealien phalanx. This will bring the grand total up to a very respectable seven units totalling 196 figures.

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