Saturday, 11 December 2010

Aventine's Tarentines & Jumbos

After a brief sojourn in sunny Malta, more about this in a future post, I have hit the painting desk again in order to finish off some units for the Christmas Raphia refight. If Mr. Paul Ireland is reading this as he promised to then take this as notice of at least one of our gaming days over the festive season. But I digress, featured below are the genesis of a unit of Tarentines:
To my mind these are the best figures Aventine have produced to date, they feel a little less chunky than previous offerings and fit in well with the Foundry & Polemarch figures that make up the bulk of my successor armies.  The horse flesh is suitably proportioned as well.

I've also been busy finishing up the Seleucid elephant corps for Raphia
These are again Aventine offerings and very good they are too. I was hoping they might get their African beasts out before the festive season but as things stand I will probably use the Foundry and A&A models that I already have to stand in for the Ptolemaic elephants.
The refight itself will likely feature 3-3500 points per side using WAB 1.5 and hopefully result in a win for yours truly. Despite having studied Hellenistic warfare for ten years plus I've rarely converted this knowledge to tabletop success, although it doesn't help when your phalanxes consistently fail panic and break tests ( see apollonia post for further details).

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