Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tarentines Completed.

Not entirely true, but pictured above are the nine ( out of twelve) Tarentine cavalry from Aventine Miniatures.

I decided to stick to the same shield design as my earlier unit built from Foundry World of the Greeks miniatures as this will allow a single unit of 18 for use in big games such as the planned Xmas refight of Raphia
With the exception of its sheer scale I don't see any particular problems with presenting this one, it really does seem like a good, head on Hellenistic scrap. The Lagids will obviously have an advantage in phalanx numbers but I think the Seleucid Indian elephants will offset this to some degree. As things stand I want to use three barded Indians in the Seleucid line-up vs. two Africans in the Ptolemaic army
It might be interesting to randomly generate the Egyptian phalangites morale at the start of the game just to add an extra challenge but thats not certain yet.

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