Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Thracian Mercenary Cavalry.

This is the first painted example of my purchases from WMMS. He started life as a Polemarch (Gripping Beast) Neo Tarentine from their Successor range, but I didn't like the strange cut down thureos shield that comes as standard. So after browsing for inspiration through Nick Sekunda's 'The Seleucid Army' I replaced the smaller original shield with a full sized Thureos thus turning a Neo Tarentine into a Thracian Mercenary in Seleucid service.

According to Dr. Sekunda's aforementioned volume the Thracian cavalry in Seleucid employ were marked by having pink cloaks, at least in the later Hellenistic era. These figures could be used for pretty much any of the general purpose cavalry of the period though, a blue cloak with hood for Galatians for instance.