Sunday, 30 March 2014

Distracted by Celts

Got a bit distracted this afternoon, instead of pushing on with either of the two Thracian units currently under the brush I started updating the bases on my unit of Celts/ Gauls/ Galatians.

 Really shouldn't get side tracked like this but they really did need sorting out.


  1. Excellent work on both of these - these are the guys with the big swords!

  2. Thanks Both, The swords are a bit ridiculous but also very robust.

    Regards HGA.

  3. Very nice, HGA! My favourite range of Celts; some are staring down at me, part painted, even as I write.

  4. Thanks Simon, its a real shame Renegade have packed up of the foreseeable. I'm tempted to have a stab at some of the new Crusader Celts to make up numbers, though they make lack a little of the formers stature.