Saturday, 15 March 2014

Back of Beyond.

Absolutely no progress on the painting front this week because of this:

A case of what is locally & rather quaintly referred to as Dick finger ( a reference I believe to the swollen & purple end of an injured digit). The up-shoot of in-advisedly getting said digit caught between two pieces of heavy duty steel section in a moment of in-attention. Suffice to say it served to wake me up a bit.
As a consequence no painting done this week, so I've been sorting out some of the miniatures in storage, including the titular Back of Beyond items from Copplestone Castings. So in the absence of any new stuff, I offer instead this retrospective.

Warlord Chinese "75"

Warlord Chinese MG.

Chinese Mortar, apparently mortars were very popular in 1920's Chinese Armies.

As were executions to encourage the troops.

Bolshevik Maxim gun, elite crew.

Bolshevik Maxim, regular crew.

Bolshevik Lewis gunner.

Soviet Naval Maxim.

Austin Armoured Car.

Bolshevik "75".

Some seriously nice stuff from Mark Copplestone, I can only wonder as to why he undertook to produce miniatures for such an obscure time & place as 1920's Central Asia, but I'm glad he did. This is the reason I was introduced to the books of Peter Hopkirk & such fascinating & diverse characters as Roman Ungern Sternberg, Col. F. M. Bailey & Sven Hedin.

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