Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Wild Bunch.

Work continues apace on my newly acquired Thracians, however due to a lack of equestrian bases in the commisary department I've moved on to painting Thracian Infantry:

I bought twenty of these Crusader Miniatures to supplement an small unit that i painted a couple of years back for my Antigonid Army. This will boost the unit up to thirty two strong making it much more viable on the tabletop, at twelve figures it wasn't really a lot of use.

Renegade Celts. Due a re-base.

This got me thinking about doing the same thing with my unit of twenty Galatians, they look great but are really too small a unit to be of much use. The only problem is Renegade Miniatures seem to have ceased doing business so I will need to look elsewhere for reinforcements. Any suggestions?


  1. Excellent work, beautiful details!

  2. Great looking miniatures.... the celtic leader looks ACE...