Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fire & Fury Liberators! Game.

Finally received the photographs that Mr. Ireland kindly took during our Liberators game on 28th December so here as promised is a short write-up of the action. Due to the small number of figures available we set up a scenario with a Royalist column being ambushed by a Gran Colombian/Venezuelan division.
Initial set up was:

The objectives were simple, the Royalists were required to get as many intact units of the right table edge as possible, the Patriots were aiming to stop them and cause maximum casualties.

Initial contact, the combined Royalist light companies move forward to engage the Venezuelan blocking force in the Hacienda.
The ambush is sprung as the second Venezuelan battalion emerge from the vineyards to engage the flank of the Burgos Regiment.

The other half of the trap, the Patriot cavalry brigade and combined grenadiers begin their advance.

First blood to the Patriot Dragoons as they ride down the Royalist light infantry, then follow up onto the flank of the Burgos Regiment. The Burgos, already engaged in a brisk firefight with Venezuelan Fusileros break under this fresh blow and flee.
In the centre of the field the combined Grenadiers and the Cantabria Regiment exchange fire.

At a critical moment the FernandoVII Husares engage the combined Grenadiers in the flank and rout them, they then follow up with a charge on the Venezuelan Red Hussars and their General. This ends very badly for the Patriots, the Red Hussars are killed to a man and their General mortally wounded.

The Talavera Regiment administer the coup de grace to Patriot hopes, overwhelming the Venezuelan's in a one sided firefight. At this point the remaining Patriots vacate the field leaving the depleted Spanish to continue their march.

In conclusion a very enjoyable game with plenty of suspense. Up until the entry of the Fernanado VII Husares the Patriots were carrying all before them, thereafter the fates turned against their cause as the boys in green and yellow massacred their merry way across the field of conflict.
This is the first time we've used cavalry in a Fire & Fury game, our previous forays with AWI being purely infantry affairs, and on this evidence are very handy when used aggresively.
I don't think we will look any further for suitable rules as these fit the bill admirably, plus we are both familiar with the set now which lends itself to a nice quick progression through the game.

Next game is pencilled in for 28th January when we will return to hallowed antiquity and the battle of Sellasia 222BC.


  1. Nice to see those units used in anger! It's almost like ImagiNations, but real.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Some excellent pics, the figures look superb!!!

  3. Very enjoyable battle report and marvelous eye-candy.
    Warmly appreciated though 'shakos' are not my favorite period, and it's great to see for once other uniforms of the era than perpetual European Napoleonics!
    Carry on this enlightening job!