Thursday, 12 January 2012

Liberator! Patriot Santander Regiment Fusileros.

The first two fusileros from another Colombian regiment. I found a mention of the red jackets with yellow facings in John Fletchers "Adventures of the British & Irish Legions" whilst looking for details of the Cazadores Britanicos.

The figures are once again Victrix Austrians with French heads, they may not be 100% accurate but at least the Austrian tunics are single breasted and have the right(ish) profile around the turnbacks.
A battalion of these fellows will be used to round out my Colombian/ Venezuelan Brigade and then its onto the foreign contingent, Venezuelan Rifles and the aforementioned Cazadores.


  1. Another great conversion - good showing of the versatility of Victrix sets. Dean

  2. Many thanks Dean, if it weren't for Victrix pioneering Napoleonics in plastic I doubt I would have embarked on this project, so all credit to them.
    Best regards HGA.