Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Cthulhu Session. Murder in Shanghai.

Finally got round to playing Call of Cthulhu again after a break of four years. Messrs Bryant & Johnson spent a few days in the shoes of Detectives Proctor And Esterhazy of the Shanghai Municipal Police investigating a brutal murder on the houseboat 'Soochow Pearl'. After running the gamut of Bloody Alley, paranoia about Police corruption, the nefarious "Twenty One Dollar Mob" & the attentions of a camp brothel owner & occultist going by the unlikely name of Fairchild Golightly they finally end up in a Mexican stand-off with a tentacled horror seeking "The Box that Sings".
Ultimately temporary insanity claims Esterhazy & Proctor is put on indefinite gardening leave while his superiors instigate an extensive cover up.

A few handouts & props from the session:

I think we all had a good time playing through this, certainly worth all the effort that was put in making all the props and getting a day organized to all be in one place at the same time. I'd forgotten though what hard work GMing can be. Talking for eight hours solid and keeping track of numerous plot threads really takes it out of you, perhaps its a good job we don't get around to playing that often.

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