Saturday, 20 August 2011

Greek Cavalry circa late 2nd Century BC.

Finished these fine fellows in the wee small hours this morning. They are Foundry World of the Greeks companions with wire javelins & Polemarch thureos added. Its quite difficult to pin down just how the lighter hellenistic horse would have been equipped at this point in time but I've pulled together the evidence presented in Duncan Head's AMPW and Nick Sekunda's Seleucid publication and come up with a nearest best guess using spare figures and bits from the mons plumbatum in the attic.

Another box ticked for the Sellasia project. Generic Greek Cavalry: DONE.


  1. They look great! I don't see why a warrior wouldn't have tried to mount his horse carrying a shield that everyone else was commonly using. I mean, did the Ancients have "rules" about what or what not to use in battle? Best, Dean

  2. A very nice looking unit! The white shields tie them together, nicely.


  3. Thank you gentlemen. Your encouragement is much appreciated.