Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Even More Phalangites & More Still.

Finally got cracking on the Polemarch Antigonid phalangites that I won off ebay many moons back, these plus their unpainted brethren will form one wing of the Macedonian Army for the planned Sellasia refight later this year.

Also got started on the infantry for my Parthian Army last night. I'm going with the mountain tribesmen look, though you could argue that those nicely oiled Elymaian beards might start to resemble these after a month on campaign.

These hirsute mountaineers started life as Crusader Miniatures Kardakes

but a little scalpel work on the tiara headresses and some green stuff later and hey! presto. Still haven't decided whether to use small round shields or the ubiquitous thureos, but they will definitely be javelin armed.


  1. That phalanx is really looking nice!


  2. Cheers Christopher, though I can't help but notice some of the mistakes that show up under the cameras unforgiving eye.

  3. They look great! I love the green belts; something I haven't seen before. Dean