Monday, 29 August 2011

Antigonid Army Progress.

First up here are a few shots of the completed Heavy Cavalry. The wedge base will not be a permanent fixture, its just convenient for storage etc.

Here is the army as of today. Some work is still required on the smaller unit of phalangites, finishing off shields, adding Northstar pikes & finishing off some detail on the bases. But thats pretty much it for Doson and his boys, the light infantry and mercenaries will be sourced from my existing collection of thureophoroi & peltasts and I'll probably use my Foundry Thessalians for Philopoemon and the Acheaen cavalry.

As far as the Spartan army for Sellasia goes, most of these will come from the existing Hellenistic collection, but I am planning to paint up another 18 thureophoroi ( polemarch) to bulk up numbers.

I've been having a bit of a think about the Sellasia re-fight over the bank holiday and reckon the most viable way to get a decent game out of it is to concentrate on the Macedonian assault on the Evas Hill which formed the left of the Spartan position and the cavalry fight in the adjoining valley. These two parts of the battle at least have some bearing on each other, the Phalanx vs. Phalanx clash between Antigonus and Cleomenes is too isolated to add anything to the game.

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