Sunday, 6 March 2011

More Tower Pictures & A Macedonian Slaphead.

First off Gripping Beasts aged mercenary captain.
And a rear view.
Quite pleased with him on the whole with the exception of the oversized blade on his kopis, on reflection I should have filed it down to more sensible proportions. At least he can give my Renegade celts a run for their money.
This propensity for figure designers to equip oversized weapons is a real bore, I thought I'd left it behind when I weaned myself off GW stuff 15 years hence.

Following on from that the Tabletop World watch tower nears completion.
The garrison has been augmented with some old GW Dogs of War and shutters have been added to the hoardings on the third floor.
Still not sure whether or not to lighten the woodwork with another layer of dry-brushing, it looks fine outdoors in the sunlight but under artificial lighting it still looks a little dark.

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  1. Nice work on the cape border; BTW, I can't see the front side image. Regards, Dean