Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lots of Hellenistic Stuff.

Took all of my Hellenistic figures out of their chest of drawers this afternoon for a spring clean, the photos below show them in their full glory. Apologies in advance for all the ramage in the background, but we have only been moved in a year and I've only got one pair of hands.

This little lot stretches 15' into the messy distance of the conservatory and consists of troop types from 330-200BC give or take so strictly speaking its not one homogenous army. In reality most of the earlier units have stood in for their later counterparts at some time. A case in point being the Persian heavies in the foreground, they have variously represented Eumenes Cappadocian bodyguard, Molons Companions  for Apollonia & Parthian catphracts.
The alarming thing is there are still a few bits and pieces to add in following Alumwell; another scythed chariot, a unit of half barded companions & another 28 figure phalanx. To cap it all in the time its taken me to assemble this little lot those malingering peasants at Warhammer Historical ( or whatever they presently call themselves ) still haven't managed to publish the long anticipated army lists.


  1. Impressive & inspiring! I see your cav wedges have 6 figures - what rules are these for? I have 10 in the ones I use for WAB - I think 6 is the minimum size though - to still be considered in wedge. Regards, Dean

  2. Hi Dean, The bases shown are for six figures but I only use these for keeping the miniatures neat and tidy in their drawers. Since 2010's Apollonia re-fight I have been quietly upgrading to ten figure bases because anything less is frankly rubbish, suffer one casualty in a six figure wedge and those expensive companions have to resort back to a linear deployment. The 3 wedges of companions at the very far end of the line are already upgraded to tens and much the better for it.
    The only very minor downside to these bigger wedges is the requirement for a big gaming table to give them a bit of 'sea room', heaven alone knows how you use a fifteen strong wedge which as I recall is the largest allowable.

  3. Cor! What an impressive army, stretching into the distance like in the Oliver Stone movie.