Sunday, 27 March 2011

More Pointy Sticks.

The next victim of the cleaning obsession is.... An ECW Royalist Army.

I've owned and modified this army since my university days back in the late eighties, what started out as purely foundry figures has over the years metamorphosed into mainly Renegade & Redoubt with 2 troops of Foundry harquebusiers.

Instead of following the tedious norm of recreating The Oxford Army or Sir Ralph Hopton's Cornish this is an army based around units from the Welsh Borders and the Northwest. The foot consist of the regiments recalled from Ireland in 1644 who amalgamated into the Shrewsbury Foot and Sir Thomas Tyldesley's Regt from Lancashire; The horse are Sir William Vaughan's ( the wonderfully named 'Devil of Shrawardine'), John Marrow's & Sir Marcus Trevors.
They're a handy little lot, despite having been bested historically at Whittington,  Nantwich, Montgomery & Denbigh Green I've always enjoyed a good degree of success with them using both Forlorn Hope & WECW rules.

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