Sunday, 14 February 2016

More Gran Colombians from Orinoco Miniatures.

Painting has been slow again this week, mainly due to long hours at work, but also my lack of a project that I am particularly enthused by. This seems to happen every now & then but eventually something will come along that provokes a veritable frenzy of brushwork, but for now I'm just tidying up loose ends of ongoing projects:

The first base of Fusileros. I like the variety of canteens carried.

WIP officers, the colonel on the left drawing his sword is nicely done.
When funds allow I will purchase a lot more of Orinocos figures, they really are very nicely realised, they are on the smaller side of 28mm figures which makes the painting a bit harder work, but the payoff is worth the effort. The range is quite limited at the moment, though there are more on the way apparently.


  1. Very nice work on these additional troops, HGA. I am interested to see what kind of scenarios you'll use them in. Possibly skirmishes in mountainous terrain next to temple ruins? :)

    1. Thanks Dean, I fully intend to get these to the table this year & yes I do have some suitably cyclopean ruins to game over. Regards HGA.

  2. very nice - I am living in Bogota and trying to get started on an army for this period in the absence of almost any other gamers. Should you ever decide to not continue with the period let me know as I terrible at starting from scratch and just missed some painted figs on ebay