Sunday, 7 February 2016

Handgrenadealien does London.

My long suffering other half was kind enough to treat me to a short break in London for my birthday last weekend. Covered a fair bit of ground in three days, visiting The Natural History Museum ( full of people rushing round without actually stopping to look at anything properly), The British Museum ( full of Chinese people looking a bit overwhelmed) & The Tower of London ( full of Americans complaining about the weather). The highlight for me was HMS Belfast ( full of me plus other half & about half a dozen others):

Yours truly &the biggest pillar drill I have ever seen.

The business end. A &B turrets & the bridge.
Its taken a long time to actually make this visit, my first trip to London was with my Father when I was eight years old & the plan was to visit HMS Belfast & The Imperial War Museum. Unfortunately only the latter was open on the day we had available, which was fair compensation as I recall it being very good. The other thing that sticks in my mind was having very sore feet; my Father having somewhat idiosyncratic views on public transport insisted that we walked everywhere which was a bit hard on my young legs.
Glad I finally got to take a look at the old beauty though. It seemed very roomy on the day, but I suspect things were a bit more uncomfortable with 850 men on board & as for running through 40' seas round The North Cape, that simply beggars belief.

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