Sunday, 7 February 2016

A Mixed Bag.

After last weeks trip to the capital its back to painting miniatures again this weekend.
First up re-purposing some redundant Foundry Hypaspists as late 3rd Century Thorakites by simply replacing their hoplite shields with some spare Polemarch Thureos from the spares box:
The figure in the centre is a Victrix plastic Hoplite.

I've got eighteen of these, but will mix in some of the Victrix figures to make this up to a round two dozen. Despite the Victrix figures being taller their overall proportions are fairly similar so they shouldn't stand out too much.

In addition to these I have made a start on some Orinoco Miniatures Gran Colombian Fusileros who have been languishing for the last two years:

These are very nice figures, very similar in style & build to the Perry Miniatures Napoleonics I used for my Peruvian troops. I will be returning to these later on today after lunch has been dealt with.


  1. What a great use of spare miniatures. Great inspiration here.

  2. Nice work on these diverse subjects, HGA. Mixing and matching makes and spare parts is always nice.

  3. Yws they look very effective! I've decided that I'm going to mix some Victrix minis into my next Foundry phalanx and into my early thorakitai.

  4. Thanks for the comments all. Having to be a bit careful with the finances at the moment, this kind of recycling may become a common theme through my posts this year. Regards HGA.