Sunday, 15 March 2015

More Pesky Islemen.

Despite my good intentions of carrying on with the roman project before embarking on anything new I have been sidetracked into painting more of my recent purchases from Claymore Castings.

Nice miniatures & really straightforward to paint, this opinion may change when I have to tackle heraldry. For some reason folk from the Western Isles had a penchant for quartering their arms which translates into being a bugger to paint at 28mm size, maybe time to investigate decals!


  1. Very nicely painted fellows, excellent work! In my country, the quartering of the coats of arms was due to inheriting them from their father and mother - the sons would quarter their personal coat of arms with both, to distinguish themselves from each other and from other relatives in the field of battle. I suppose it was/is the same all over Europe. Greetings from Portugal :)

    1. Greetings to Portugal, many thanks for the comments. I take your point about quartering of arms generally, but apparently certain clans of Highlanders quartered arms for symbolic reasons rather than to purely denote lineage. Just started reading up on the subject - very confused.
      Regards HGA.