Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lord of the Isles.

Following our yearly excursion to WMMS our most local war-games show, I have fallen prey to the cult of the new & taken to painting a few of my purchases from said show:

The first of my Lion Rampant retinue courtesy of Claymore Castings. I bought 6 packs of their Highlander/ Islemen packs from their Medieval range & very nice they are too, similar in size to Perry miniatures but almost flash free & very cleanly cast.
I also purchased the Lion Rampant rulebook because this system seems to offer a fairly quick game with reasonable (60 ish figures) forces, something I need to strive toward with my busy work schedule.
Also purchased was a facsimile copy of an Italian fencing manual circa 1640. European martial arts are another of my interests which I sadly get very little time to practise.

fig a.
Never got to do anything quite this violent at sixth form fencing club, though a friend & I did used to fight outside of said environs with sharp steel weapons & improvised armour. Could so easily have ended in tears ( see fig. a above).


  1. A very impressive warlord...! Cheers! :D

  2. Nice work on the Claymore figure, HGA. That is a fine range. I'd love to see pictures of your fencing too!

    1. Cheers Dean, Claymore figures are ace as you would expect from the hands of Paul Hicks. I will try to post some live action sparring stuff, ifI can find any-one daft enough to pair up with.
      Regards HGA.

  3. Thanks Lad's, My first ever foray into mediaevals after 30 odd years of wargaming. You will note I have avoided any fiddly heraldry, this is yet to come.
    Rgds HGA.