Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lion Rampant Retinue Begins To Take Shape.

Another wet one today in the disputed lands twixt England & Wales so an excellent opportunity to catch up on some admin'. Work on the Highland/ Island force for Lion Rampant is making steady progress with the first two units ( of men at arms) complete bar the heraldry, which is a job for later on today provided the weather doesn't clear. If it does I'll be out on the bicycle to blow the cobwebs away and have a sneaky pint down the local!

The archers for my retinue are already underway but have yet to decide where to source miniatures to represent the two units of 'Fierce Foot'. According to Claymore Casting's Facebook page they have figures for Irish Kern in the pipeline which together with the already available Ribalds would probably look about right, but a dredge through some other manufacturers catalogues wouldn't go amiss.

The republican roman project is also continuing to progress well, although nothing worthy of a photograph as yet. I have a feeling based on previous years that all this progress may be about to grind to a halt, generally speaking when we get into BST the work load & available daylight hours go up leading to a corresponding downturn in miniature painting. It does pay the bills though, so have to be philosophical about it.


  1. Lovely work on these fine sculpts, HGA. I thought these guys were "Fierce Foot"? Great choice on a LR retinue. Looking forward to the MAA unit.

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