Thursday, 30 October 2014

Reports of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

Hi all, its been a while. The reasons for my lack of posting since September have been variously & in no particular order, work, work, more work, surfing holiday in Portugal, more work, lung infection & doing paddle duties for a mate who was up shit creek; think that about covers it.
Therefore progress on the Italian Allies has been patchy to say the least, but here are things as they stand:

Three views of the first maniple of hastati/ princeps.
 Very pleased with them so far, only slight reservation is the slightly " Osprey" stance of the Signifer.

and A couple of work in progress shots of cornificer & velite.
Hoping to get a bit more done over the weekend but I fear paddling duties & painting the bathroom at HGA Towers may take precedence.


  1. Rep. Romans look great; sounds like you've been living life to the fullest. Surfing in Portugal, huh? How cold is the water there? I suppose it could be pretty sharky too?

  2. Yes life is pretty full thanks Dean. Water not too cold but thankfully shark free. Plenty of top quality breaks though!

  3. perhaps you should have more holiday breaks! ;o) your miniatures painting are awesome and I love your bases as well!

    1. Thanks Phil, a couple more weeks of holiday a year would be very welcome, but a pipe dream for the time being.
      Credit should be given to BigRedBat for the basing, I'm merely following his lead.
      Regards HGA.

  4. Looking great, HGA! Sometimes life interferes with art. My ancients painting has slowed down, too.

  5. Cheers Simon, life seems to be stamping all over my art in size 10 Doc Martins at the moment!