Sunday, 21 September 2014

More Italian Allies.

Plodding quietly through these chaps; four down, 56 to go.

Need to come up with some suitable designs for the shields, plain red is a bit flat.


  1. Nice work on these fine Rep. Romans, HGA. I like the variety of armor. May I suggest something like paired wolves (or boars) for the shield motif - one on each side of the spline? I'm sure you could paint them well, but with 56 shields, you may want decals - I think VVV may have some in white or black. Best, Dean

  2. Great looking minis, HGA! Re the shields, maybe designs or just slap some mud and dirt on them when they are all finished. Best, Simon

  3. Great figures and painting! yeah perhaps some "campaign weathered" muddy - dry brushing over the shields or even what DeanM suggested.... anyway great work!


  4. Thanks All, for both the encouraging comments & suggestions. Weathering is probably my favoured option, but think the Centurions would benefit from some scutum bling.

    Regards HGA.