Thursday, 15 May 2014

Female Warrior. Armour by Jean Paul Gautier.

More or less finished this last night. I humbly offer it here as the best I can achieve on a 32mm figure using 45year old eyes & hands thickened by a lifetime of manual labour:

Tried a few different back ground combinations this evening to try to make things 'pop' a little more. Certainly helps the contrast, if not the photographer.

 Come to think of it the J.P. Gautier reference in the title might not be so far of the mark. This is just the sort of European soft porn thing that he & his co presenter Antoine de Caunes would have smirked about on the late, lamented "EuroTrash".


  1. Great flesh effect and eyes, HGA. Also, I missed the severed head she's holding in the previous post - must've been distracted by her, uh, armor?

  2. :o) I concur with DeanM great figure.. miniature and painting well done!

  3. Great figure and painting. You have achieved an excellent colour on the flesh. Cheers, Ross

  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys. The armour to flesh quotient is rather ridiculous.
    Best HGA.