Sunday, 26 January 2014

Twilight Imperium GAME VI Timelapse.

A departure from my normal posts, I am actually participating in a game rather than just painting miniatures.
For those not familiar with it, Twilight Imperium is a game of galactic politics/conquest where a number of races compete to collect the most victory points by achieving objectives laid out on a track at the beginning of the game plus a player specific secret objective.
Despite having played Twilight Imperium previously I managed to come 5th out of 6 players due to my one major offensive in the game going badly wrong & having a secret objective that was well nigh un-achievable, but life's to short to dwell on these failures & there is always next time to pull off a stunning victory.
By the way, I'm the bearded gent in a black pullover facing the camera.

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