Sunday, 5 January 2014

Peruvian infantry.

As 2014 begins to unfold I have resolved to complete a few ongoing projects before investing in more lead & plastic.
The first beneficiaries of this policy are these stands of Peruvian Infantry for the South American Wars of Independence project:

These are a mixture of Perry miniatures Napoleonic British bodies & Victrix French heads.

Next job in the pipeline is to re-base my ECW collection & at some point in the near future the postponed Korupedion game will take place else all the work re-basing the Hellenistic collection will have been in vain.


  1. Those are very nice indeed HGA. We may have to get some Peruvians sculpted up in the future :-)

    1. Many thanks Mark, sounds like a good idea, a William Miller complete with poncho would be top.
      Regards HGA.