Thursday, 13 February 2014

Orinoco Miniatures Spanish Infantry.

After a month long post xmas hiatus I've got some enthusiasm back for painting historical miniatures. The spark for this revival, a package of rather excellent stuff from Orinoco Miniatures in Prague.

First off the characteristically slow conveyor belt:

Regimiento Imperial Alejandro, Flank Co.

Back view showing stowage.
Once again more excellent sculpting from Orinoco with only the barest hint of flash on the casting, detail good & sharp and size wise comparable with Perry miniatures. Looking forward to painting the rest of this order as & when time permits.


  1. That's a lovely mini! Napoleonic, with a twist.

  2. Very nice, HGA. He looks very compatible with Perry and Victrix. Dean

  3. Splendid! Must start mine! Yes, they are perfectly compatible with Perry (and I am really fussy!)

  4. Thanks all, I will just add that the quality is comparable with Perry as well.
    Rgds HGA.

  5. Beautiful paintjob and great pose too, love this work!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the full unit painted. I'm just in the middle of painting the same figures myself, but as the Burgos Regiment in white/cream brin uniform.