Sunday, 8 December 2013

Macedonian Base Modernization.

This project has come as a bit of a surprise; I was trying to find a painting project to get stuck into last night & not having anything readily to hand decided to give my completed miniatures an overhaul, sticking spears back on, repairing any chipped paint- you get the picture.
Anyway, long story short looking through the Hellenistic collection it became apparent that some of my older units were in serious need of some detail work on their bases. A fair proportion of them were completed in the pre-tuft days of the last century and don't match up well to the more recent additions.

The before & after pictures below illustrate the discrepancy:

Foundry Miniatures Greek Mercenary & Eastern Phalangites, old basing style.

Different Foundry Eastern Phalangites, Mk. II basing.

 This could keep me out of mischief for a bit, at least until I get round to ordering more fresh lead next week.


  1. The new basing looks much better.

    Nice job on the Macedonians, the pink makes them stand out .

  2. Time spent on basing is rarely wasted! They look very good.

  3. Thank you chaps, I thought this might be a chore but in fact its very cathartic. Bit costly in tufts though.

  4. Foundry Macedonians area always worth it! The tufts look great. My guys have also been used a lot - but still holding up okay with a few chips here and there. Best, Dean