Sunday, 22 December 2013

Some Miniatures for Corupedion.

As promised earlier here is some eye candy:

Greek Hoplites. Victrix Miniatures.

Persian Archers & Light Troops, mainly Crusader with a couple of Vendel Miniatures command.

A&A Miniatures Slingers.

Maiotian Infantry, Vendel Miniatures.

Thracians, Wargames Foundry.

Foundry African Elephant, mahout as supplied, crew Crusader I think.

Scratchbuilt chariot, chassis started life as a GW elf chariot, other bits from spares box.
Looking through the above I regret not buying more of the various Persians from Vendel Miniatures when they were still available this side of the pond, the variety of weird & wonderful troop types from the Achaemenid lands really was very remarkable.


  1. Nice array of troops, HGA. Impressive scratch-built scythed chariot too! Best, Dean

  2. Some lovely units there!

    I was also recently bemoaning the lack of UK Vendels, specifically Indians. What's Corupedion, an ancient battle? Best, Simon