Monday, 25 November 2013

Hungarian Infantry 'Erzherzog'.

Another tidying up of loose ends well underway as I begin to wind down the SYW project. This time a few more Hungarian Fusiliers from Crusader Miniatures.

Once their six colleagues are painted I will have reduced the Austrian lead mountain to zero, though its place will no doubt be taken by other purchases before too long.
Hopefully the SYW will feature in an actual wargame over the festive season, but this will be subject to negotiation with Mr. Ireland who may want to break out his AWI collection for winter manoeuvres. All being well we could manage both ( & maybe an Ancients game as well) but a lot will depend on individual family commitments intervening.


  1. Very nice work, the mix of colors is amazing!

    1. Thanks Phil, Initially wasn't convinced that the colour scheme would work but it came out better than anticipated.
      Regards HGA.