Monday, 1 July 2013

More Cacadores Britanicos.

Yet another week has passed where my responsibilities as an employer have encroached into time which ought to be spent recharging the batteries. I did however pull a late-nighter Saturday and finished off some more Orinoco Miniatures British. I now have four full bases finished for Fire & Fury.

In the interests of comparison here is a photo of a base of Orinoco Miniatures with a base each of Victrix & Perry Miniatures flanking them to give an impression of relative height & build.

The Peruvians ( blue uniforms) are Perry with Victrix heads; whilst the Gran Colombians ( red uniforms, yellow facings are pedigree Victrix, these if anything are a gnats too-dah taller than the others  but overall they all mix together very nicely.


  1. Very nice looking unit, HGA. Good to see your project continuing. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice. The comparison photo is very helpful.