Sunday, 7 July 2013

Final Half Dozen Orinoco Miniatures

It was far too hot to be out chainsawing yesterday afternoon, so after an early morning ( 6am) start doing just that I retired to the cool confines of our kitchen to paint miniatures instead. Here is the result:

These figures are from the firing & loading pack & barring the command pack have been the most enjoyable to paint out of the four. This may be because of the variety of poses or just simply that they represent another small project completed & ready to game with.
Next up will be more SYW Prussians but South America will be re-visited once Orinoco have their Spanish in Brin uniforms available.


  1. Colors are just great, very nice work!

  2. Thanks Phil, I think working with a limited colour palette helps.

    Regards HGA.

  3. Very nice there HGA. Hopefully its wetted the appetites of a few people for the period :-)

    1. Thanks Mark, They are great figures which should help ease the money from customers pockets. Considering the period is essentially an extension of Napoleonic gaming which seems a perennial favourite its hard to understand why its never taken off to the same extent. The paucity of decent figures is definitely one reason, something you are currently rectifying; the other factor is the lack of source material in English which John Fletcher is redressing with his publications.
      The next stage would be a decent, attractive, article featuring our collective efforts in one of the gaming periodicals.
      Food for thought.

      Regards HGA