Sunday, 3 February 2013

Another Phalanx Completed.

Well not quite, I've missed to paint a few rear rank spears which will be rectified later on. I was fairly ripping along with this phalanx when I started but have lost momentum in the last week or so as things have finally begun to pick up at work.

As previously noted these are Victrix plastics which at £22 for 48 figures are good value for money, despite the somewhat odd mix of headgear in the Mercenary boxed set.
Only another 30 to go & thats the heavy infantry done for the Lamian War game planned for later this spring.


  1. A great looking unit; I like the variety of helmets. I agree on the bargain with these great plastic kits. Best, Dean

  2. Saw these on TMP, they really came out terrific. I really like your work on the clothing. The shield wear is expert looking.

  3. Yes very nice, am looking forwards to seeing the whole army together!

  4. Thank you Gentlemen. Hopefully it shouldn't take much longer for this project to bear fruit, I've already got most of the supporting cast in my Hellenistic collection. Once the Hoplites are completed I need roughly three dozen peltasts. Any suggestions.
    Regards HGA.

  5. Very nice work, shields are amazing!