Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lamian War Peltasts.

Following on from the recently completed Hoplite phalanx I've started to tackle some of the lighter troops for the Greek army. I've been struggling a bit to find suitable figures to augment the Foundry peltasts I already own, up to now I've been able to find most of the Hellenistic troop types from Polemarch, Crusader Miniatures & the ubiquitous Foundry but suitable peltasts seem a little scarce. So a quick trawl through the spares box & various other dusty caches of miniatures turned up this lot:

Foundry World of the Greeks un-armoured Hoplites.

And some of these:

Polemarch Thureophoroi.
There are also a dozen or so Crusader Thureophoroi lurking around somewhere. The upshot of this trawl round and a little work adding some spare peltas & voila some fairly tidy peltasts, albeit with fancier than normal headgear.

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  1. They look great; nice variety of shields too. Best, Dean