Sunday, 20 January 2013

Yet More Hoplites.

This time they are Aetolian League flavoured with a sprinkling of Athenians.

I've decided to continue with the city state monograms on the hoplons for the most part as they're more economical to do time wise & probably a little more suitable for late era hoplites. The AT of Aetolia is taken from coins of the period as is the AMP of Athens, there is some doubt as to whether these coin monograms would have been used as shield decoration but in the absence of other information they will have to do. The Athenian gorgon was a departure to see if I could represent one in miniature, but I fear treading too far down that path may lead ultimately to a padded cell.


  1. More great looking Hoplites - love your shield work. I'm tempted to get a box these - even though I have OG and 1st Corps guys already; which I don't think they'd match size/style-wise. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, They are nice figures but I do have a few reservations about the helmet choices, particularly in the Mercenaries boxed set. However for the cost its a small complaint.
    Regards HGA

  3. Missed those, HGA, they are very nice! Hand painting shields sounds like hard work. Maybe make up some transfers?


  4. Thank you Simon, hand painting the shields hasn't been too bad so far but I have been sticking to monograms for the most part. I would perhaps be less sanguine if I were having to recreate classical period zoomorphic designs. Oh, and please bear in mind I am a dreadful luddite.
    Regards HGA.