Tuesday, 6 November 2012

15mm Donnington Miniatures Celts. A 25 year tribute.

This is where it all started for me as a callow 17 year old:

Money earned by cleaning out pigs and various other similarly unsavoury jobs then sent via postal order to Donnington miniatures & converted into lead alloy. Painting was squeezed in when I was supposed to be doing A level physics homework ( which is probably why I ended up with a U in that exam) using Pelican Plaka over a white enamel undercoat, hence the very bright colours. I seem to remember getting a few unsuccessful games in with these chaps before going away to Polytechnic, though whether that was down to my unfamiliarity with WRG 6th edition ( yes our local club used them as well) or just the fat, beardy bastard rules lawyers who constituted my opponents we shall never know.
Long story short, found these lurking under some other boxes and decided to give them a dust & get them all stood up straight again. I've no intention of moving this project forward but will let them stand proudly as they are, a tribute to 25 years of wargaming.

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