Monday, 9 July 2012

A Short Parthian Re-Cap.

After a somewhat premature blogpost recently regarding some expected progress on my nascent Parthian army I have in the usual fashion been bitten severely on the arse by the fates. The recent hopeless weather here in Blighty which has already delayed several jobs has coincided with a fall off in the amount of work we are picking up so as a consequence a lot of my spare time has been spent chasing after more suitable work and generally trying to keep my workforce gainfully employed.
So just to keep the ball rolling I've taken a few progress photos just to keep up morale at this end.

The hit & run specialists.

The business end of the Parthian Army. Cataphracts.
All of the figures used so far are A&A miniatures from their Sassanid/ Parthian & Palmyran ranges, other than 50% of the horse archers which are Foundry Scythians which are very fine indeed. The only downside with this army is that it represents a later era than ideal for my aims, what I really would like to do is an early Parthian army to fight my large collection of successors but this really is a very small gripe in the general scheme of things.

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