Monday, 13 June 2011

The "Thundering Horde".

The Parthian project continues to gain momentum, not yet a thundering horde, but from small acorns and all that.

Note that no expense has been spared with the scenery now updated with technicolour blue sky.
Thanks also to Caliban for inspiring todays headline.


  1. Wonderful stuff and really like the dynamism in these figures!


  2. Looking good! Have you painted any horse archers, yet?

  3. The horse archers are quietly sidling their way toward the front of the queue, at present I have half a dozen A&A offerings to try. If I don't like them I will have to sell a kidney and buy a Foundry Horde deal of scythians.

  4. I also have queueing A&A horse archers- nice minis. One needs an awful lot of them, though!

  5. Cheers - and they are beginning to look like an especially atttractive horde. Now you need to find some Roman target practice for the horse archers...