Friday, 17 June 2011

At last an Occidental Equine Toxophile.

Or more mundanely an horse archer:

He is one of A&A's casualties: note the blighty wound inflicted by a pointed implement of some description.
For comparison purposes here he is pictured with a Foundry Scythian:

With regard to moving the Parthian Horde forward I'm still undecided whether to carry on with A&A for the horse archers(£8.99 for 3, free postage) or substitute Foundry Scythians (£13.00 for 3, lots of postage) which I prefer from an aesthetic point of view. What price beauty eh?


  1. He looks nice and I suggest trying e-bay or the forums before directly ordering from Foundry.
    I've enjoyed this army so much I've ordered some of the A&A Parthians!


  2. He's very nice!

    I like both ranges. The Foundry are better sculpted, but then the A&A are pukka Parthians. I aspire to an army of each, one day... you don't see either range very often, on eBay.

    A&A quite often have promotions (eg 4 for 3 on cavalry), might be worth hanging out... they also do good army deals which would fill out the horde.