Sunday, 5 June 2011

More Parthian Shots.

Just finished basing the first batch of Parthian cataphracts, the results can be seen below:

Really enjoying painting these chaps, it makes for  a nice change after hundreds of phalangites and their many thousand pteruges.


  1. Beautiful work, as always. Love these figures - who makes them? Also, did you sculpt the tassels on the saddle for the nearest figure? Great stuff, Dean

  2. Many thanks Dean. The figures are by A&A miniatures who are based in Northern Ireland and all the credit must go to their sculptor.

  3. I agree with Dean, these are lovely. I have some bits and pieces of A&A Sassanid casualty figures for my Gripping Beast army. If I ever get around to an Aurelianic army to fight them I'll buy those from A&A.

  4. That's a wonderful looking unit! I really like the dynamism in the figures poses and the smooth way you painted them.