Monday, 28 December 2015

The Annual Wargame for 2015. Korupedion.

Even by my low standards its been a fairly poor year on the gaming front, in fact it's over 18 months since lead hit the table in the HGA household. Barring last minute mishaps this will be remedied tomorrow when Mr. Ireland & I convene to re-fight the Battle of Korupedion 281BC.
One of the lesser known battles between the Diadochi, this particular action was fought between the by now octogenarian Seleucus & the septuagenarian Lysimachos. Other than that the definite facts about the battle are that it was fought near Korupedion in Lydia & that subsequently after crossing from Asia Minor to Greece Seleucus was assassinated, possibly by Ptolemy Keraunos.
Obviously this allows for a fair degree of latitude in planning a war-game but I have tried to stay within the bounds of reason when writing the OOB's. They are as follows:

Lysimachos.                              Seleucus.

1x10 Companions                     2x10 Companions
1x9   Getic Nobles                     1x12 Tarentines
1x9   Getic Horse Archers

3x28 Phalangites                       3x28 Phalangites
2x30 Levy Hoplites                   2x24 Phalangites

Light Infantry
1x Thracian Warband              1x Maiotian Warband
2x16 Peltasts                           2x8 Persian Archers
1x8 Cretan Archers                 1x8 Persian Hillmen


1x Towered Elephant              1x Towered Elephant
                                                2x Ridden Elephants
                                                 1x Scythed Chariot

The units were chosen to try & reflect the recruiting grounds available to the two monarchs. Lysimachos held territory in Thrace, hence the Thracians & Getae ( a more equestrian orientated tribe of Thracians), hoplites could be recruited from the cities of Greece & also along the Aegean littoral of Thrace though apparently they were not enthusiastic allies. The Elephant would be an older beast acquired when Lysimachos took over Kassander's army, whether it should be towered or not is a matter of conjecture.
Seleucus had most of Asia Minor & a large proportion of Asia to recruit from hence the presence of generic 'Persian' archers & javelineers. The Maiotian tribesmen were originally from the Black Sea region but are standing in here for an exotic blend of conscripted infantry. The second unit of Companions are most likely Iranians rather than Macedonians. The ridden elephants represent those available from the 500 acquired by Seleucus prior to 301BC whilst their towered brother is again based on conjecture.
The set-up is shown below:
An overall view. Seleucus to the left. Lysimachus on the right.

The Seleucid Array.

View from the rear of the Lysimachid phalanx.

Lysimachid right wing. Peltasts & Getae.

Lysimachid centre.

Lysimachid right.

Thracian's very at home on a hill.

Seleucid left. Maotians, Tarentines & ridden elephants.

A gratuitous shot of the Getae.
That's all for now, after action report to follow tomorrow.


  1. Well it surely was worth the wait, HGA. An impressive field of battle about to commence.

  2. Cheers Dean, I've been invited to take part in a Napoleonic naval game tomorrow. Won't know whats hit me. Regards HGA.