Sunday, 20 December 2015

28mm Seven Years War Project. A quick Re-cap.

This project has been a real slow burner for me. I started around 1995 with 1/72nd Revell plastics & then upgraded to 28mm when Crusader Miniatures started producing Austrian figures for this era, can't remember when this event occurred but it was quite some time ago, but regardless it has taken me quite some time to get the collection to the stage illustrated below.

L to R. Friekorps Le Noble, IR18, IR41, Frei Husaren von Kalben, Fat General & Freikorps Jager.

Friekorp von Kleist, Horse Grenadiers, Uhlans & Hussars.

Freikorps von Kleist, Croats, Band & Jagers

Austrian Grenz

Austrian Dragoons, Savoyen & Sachsen-Gotha.

Austrian cuirassiers No.14 & Palatinal Hussars.

IR No 20 Botha d'Adorno, Grenadiers Haller & Gyulai.

Rot- Wurttemburg, No.37 Josef Esterhazy, No.4 Deutschmeister & No.2 Erzherzog in front. 
Still a long way to go with this endeavour. Going to need at least 3 more Prussian infantry units, a couple of cavalry units to back up 'Green' Kleist's horsemen & not forgetting an artillery battery. The Austrians will also require artillery & a couple more cavalry units plus a few more infantry to finish off No.2 Erherzog ( which I have undercoated ready to go). Should only take me another 20 years to get them to the war-games table I reckon.